Italian Names And Surnames With Vowel And Consonant Ending

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why do Italian names and surnames end in vowel

Italian names are used in Italy and other countries like Switzerland and San Marino. It is generally understood that Italian names end in vowel but research has it that there are still some Italian names that do not follow this vowel rule. This simply means that there are names and last names in the Italian language that do not end in vowel but end with consonant letters.

For example, in northeast Italy, many surnames don’t end in vowels – Benetton. Then there is also ‘Canalis’ – which is the surname of George Clooney‘s Italian girlfriend. So it is not necessarily all Italian last names that end in a vowel. There is also ‘Jafet’, it does not end in a vowel.

Italian names are beautiful are colourful and below here is a list of Italian names that ends in vowels and the ones that do not end in a vowel.

Italian names that end in vowel

  1. Abele
  2. Adamo
  3. Agostina
  4. Benito
  5. Anna
  6. Arianna
  7. Bernado
  8. Brunella
  9. Carlo
  10. Cartia
  11. Alessio
  12. Alessandro
  13. Franco
  14. Flavio 
  15. Gennaro
  16. Giorgio
  17. Giuliano
  18. Gregorio
  19. Gaetano
  20. Silvia

Italian names with no vowel ending

  1. Allais
  2. Alliod
  3. Amatteis
  4. Amort
  5. Bechis
  6. Bianchin
  7. Boccalon,
  8. Ferraris
  9. Mair,
  10. Furlan,
  11. Bressan,
  12. Brusadin,
  13. Schiavon
  14. Marian
  15. Altobel
  16. Marian
  17. Altobel
  18. Revisol
  19. Alberton
  20. Azzalin
  21. Chabert
  22. Passet

One of the questions that people who are not particularly Italian ask is why Italian names or last names end in a vowel. But from the list of names above, you can vividly see that there are hundreds of Italian names that do not end in vowel but with a consonant letter.

Why Some Italian surnames end in consonant

A good number of Italian surnames have a distinct geographic origin. So, apart from Germanic or Slavic origin surnames, consonant ending surnames are common in Veneto, Friuli and Sardinia. However, surnames that end in “is” (for example De Laurentis, De Pittis, De Novellis) are occasionally found in Lazio and Campania.

Here are examples of Italian last names or surnames with both vowel and consonant endings.

Examples of Italian last names with vowel ending

  1. Pascutti
  2. Bortolotti
  3. Piccinnu
  4. Mungai
  5. Ghelarducci
  6. Sabbatini
  7. Sabino
  8. Sagese
  9. Sal
  10. Valentino

Examples of Italian last names with no vowel ending

  1. Marras,
  2. Floris,
  3. Melis