70 Italian Names For Men And Meaning

Italian names for men

In the time past, Italian names were derived from that saints or have something to do with religion. This is the reason Italian names for men sound nice and heroic and also have some ancient Roman roots. These Italian names for men are either originated in Latin or have Latinized versions of names taken from other languages.

Interestingly, Italian names for men have recently become popular with American parents of all ethnic groups for their trendy ending letter O. And that is why you have names such as Adriano, Emiliano, Dino, Mateo, and more.

This is a comprehensive list of Italian names for men and their meanings. They are unique, powerful and popular among Italians and other countries.

Italian names for men & meaning

NumberItalian names for menMeaning
1ArmandoGreat warrior and a happy army man
2Antonio Worthy of praise
3AngeloMessengers or Angels of God
4AmaraImmortal being
5AlonzoA dashing noble with nice charm
6AlessandroDefender of men
7AbramoFather of a multitude
8AcciaiOne who hold axe
9AchillePain or Lipless
10AdelmoA hard and preserving noble
11AdrianaFrom Hadria
12AdrianoDark One
14AgustinAugust or Dignified
15AgustoVenerated or Majestic or Dignified
16AldoSomething old or archaic
17AlfonsoReady or Prepared or Organized
18AlfonsusNoble and ready
19BaiardoOne who is reddish brown
20BeraA Well or Declaring
21BenvolioGoodwill or Benevolent
23BeniaminoSon of the right hand
26BeffaA deceit
28BasilioNoble or Royal
29BaldassareBaal protect the king
32CristianoChristian man
33ColonelA column
34Dino Various
35DomenicoGod’s child
36DemonteLiving near the top a mountain
37DaniloThe Lord id my judge
39DanteDivine comedy
40EmilianoSomeone who is industrious 
41EnzoSomeone who rules a house
42GianniGod is Merciful
43GiovanniA Gift from God
44LeonardoBold Lion
45LorenzoHe who lived in Italian city Laurentum
46LucaPlace name
47LucianoLight, enlightened
48MatteoGift from the Lord
49MarioA sad, bitter person
50MarcoHe who is at war
51FrancoFrench man
52GaetanoFrom Gaeta
53NazarioFrom Nazareth
55SergioAn attendant, a servant
56SiennaReddish brown
57RomeoA settler
58RoccoOne who rests
59RobertoFamously Famous
60ValerioStrong or Powerful
62TonioWorthy of admiration
63SilvanoA man of the woods
64VitoFull of life
67RomanoComing from Rome
70SabastianoFrom Sabatos