Best Italian Names For Your Boyfriend

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best Italian names for your boyfriend

Everyone girl or lady Italy and in the world has that special someone who makes her happy. It is actually a a beautiful thing to have that boyfriend who makes you smile, bring good memories, gives you tears of joy and always ready to offer help you.

But this person must not really be your lover, it be a close male friend whom you like.

When a young girl or lady that cute boy, that sometimes has a very special name they call him that connotes endearment.

Every boyfriend feels loved whenever their friends who are girls call them by such names. Here in this post, you will see very cute and lovely Italian names for your boyfriend.

Italian names for your boyfriend

NumberItalian names for your boyfriendMeaning
1ChiccinoA young, old-time friend
3GigioSweet boy
4GiginoCute young guy
5PatatoChubby best friend
6CiccinoA very close friend
7AngiolettoLittle Angel
8AngeloA very good boy
10PupinoLittle baby
12ScriccioloA very tiny boy
13SposinoLittle Groom
15TopinoLittle Mouse
16PrincipinoLittle Prince
17CaruccioFor a darling guy
19PiccolinoVery Little
20BellissimoA beautiful boy
22PulceA super tiny boy
23PulcinoA tiny cute guy
27TesoroDarling or Sweetheart
28Anima GemellaSoulmate
29BacinoLittle kiss